In the harsh Minnesota climate, residential garage floors often face a multitude of challenges that can leave homeowners frustrated and seeking solutions. The extreme temperature fluctuations, from freezing winters to scorching summers, can wreak havoc on concrete garage floors. Common problems include cracking, pitting, spalling, and the accumulation of unsightly stains from road salts and […]

Manufacturing / Mechanics

We have been working in the demanding world of Manufacturing and Mechanics for over a decade. Concrete floors within production facilities, workshops, and assembly lines face relentless abuse from heavy machinery, equipment traffic, and exposure to oil, chemicals, and constant wear and tear. Consequently, these floors often develop problems such as cracks, surface erosion, oil […]


In the demanding realm of the Agriculture industry, concrete floors in mechanic shops, barns, silos, dairy barns, and processing facilities are subjected to relentless stress from heavy machinery, animal traffic, and constant exposure to moisture, chemicals, and organic matter. As a result, these floors often develop problems such as cracking, erosion, staining, and an overall […]

Commercial / Retail

Are you in the commercial / retail industry? With heavy foot traffic, constant wear and tear, and the need to maintain an inviting and presentable appearance, traditional flooring options often fall short. Over time, these surfaces can show signs of deterioration, including scratches, stains, and an overall dull appearance. This not only impacts the aesthetics […]

Food / Beverage In the food and beverage industry, maintaining pristine flooring is paramount to ensuring a safe, sanitary, and efficient operation. Yet, this sector faces a myriad of flooring challenges on a daily basis. The constant foot traffic, spills, and frequent cleaning with harsh chemicals can lead to the rapid deterioration of conventional flooring materials. Over […]

Aviation / Transportation

In the fast-paced world of the Aviation and Transportation industry, the floors within hangars, terminals, and maintenance facilities endure an immense amount of stress from heavy aircraft, vehicular traffic, and exposure to a wide range of chemicals and environmental factors. As a result, concrete floors in these crucial spaces often exhibit problems such as surface […]