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Unlike residential concrete floors, commercial floors need to be extra tough. They need increased durability and performance so they can stand up to spills, stains, scrapes, and lots of foot traffic. Commercial floors also have to be easy and inexpensive to maintain. That’s where you can rely on Creative Coatings and our superior commercial epoxy flooring. We’ve been providing exceptional concrete flooring solutions since 2010. When it comes to commercial epoxy flooring, including polished and stained concrete, we’ve got you covered.

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Other flooring materials like wood, vinyl, and carpet just don’t cut it when it comes to commercial spaces, not to mention how difficult and expensive they can be to maintain. Commercial epoxy-coated floors, on the other hand, are low maintenance, durable and scratch-resistant. Commercial concrete floors also provide an extra layer of safety since their slip-resistant coating helps reduce customer and employee injury. Polished and stained concrete and epoxy-coated concrete floors are extremely versatile. Both epoxy floors and polished and stained floors can be customized to highlight the theme of any business and are perfect for:
At Creative Coatings, we offer 3 levels of commercial concrete flooring depending on the needs and size of your business and also your budget. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small office or a large shopping mall, we’ve got a commercial epoxy flooring solution for everyone. The types of commercial concrete floor coatings we can provide include:
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