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Creative Coatings: Building Trust - Transforming Floors
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Since 2010, quality has been our foremost commitment as a family-owned business. We instill our elevated standards into every facet of our operation – from meticulous concrete preparation to the application of premium coatings. This dedication has firmly established us within our local community while propelling our expansion across not only the state but also its neighboring regions.

Our customer’s unique concerns are our highest priority here at Creative Coatings. We work alongside our customers to discover the best coating solutions for their unique circumstances. And for every project we work on, we apply our tools, resources, and over a decade’s worth of expertise to delivering high-quality results that will last and look impressive for years to come.

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Customer Reviews
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I do not have enough good things to say about this company. We had our garage floor epoxied and chipped by them and throughout the entire process they did a great job. At first glance I thought the initial quote was a little high but after watching them perform all of the prep work and general work that went into making our floor downright awesome I can comfortably say it was worth every penny.

Derek Brown
Alexandria, Minnesota
Sep 12, 2019

From start to finish John and his crew did an excellent job on our quick lube floor, it looks GREAT we are very pleased with his work and how it turned out. If your looking for a professional high quality job I would highly recommend John and Creative Coating.

Jerome Gerszewski
Cyrus, Minnesota
Aug 15, 2019

I’ve always been a stickler for quality, and I can honestly say that everything about Creative Coatings and their product is top-notch. Great product. I have two neighbors who had their garage floors epoxied by Creative Coatings. I’ve always loved how their epoxy floors looked, and after hearing them rave about how much easier the epoxy was to clean and maintain than their old bare concrete, I finally decided to reach out to Creative Coatings myself. Although we’ve only had our epoxy floor for a month, I completely understand what all the fuss was about. The epoxy is a tough and durable surface that is truly easy to care for.

Marty Flatau
Morsion, Minnesota
Aug 15, 2022
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