In the harsh Minnesota climate, residential garage floors often face a multitude of challenges that can leave homeowners frustrated and seeking solutions. The extreme temperature fluctuations, from freezing winters to scorching summers, can wreak havoc on concrete garage floors. Common problems include cracking, pitting, spalling, and the accumulation of unsightly stains from road salts and oil spills. These issues not only diminish the aesthetic appeal of the garage but can also compromise the floor’s structural integrity over time.

At Creative Coatings, we come along side you to discover the best coating solution for your unique circumstances. We have been providing some of the highest grade coating systems in the world and are tailored to address your very problems. 

Here are a few of the many advantages:

With over a decade of applying our advanced garage floor coating, you can rest assured that you will be extremely happy with the look and feel of your new floor and confident in the safety, durability, and protection a Creative Coatings floor provides. Transform your garage into a functional and visually appealing space while protecting it from the harsh Minnesota climate. Say goodbye to concrete floor woes and enjoy a garage that’s both beautiful and durable.

Sample projects.

Creativity and beauty is what we love to bring to life and this floor falls nothing short of either. The Concrete was poured using 3 different rock types in the concrete and then polished to full exposed aggregate to showcase the beautiful rocks in the concrete.
Garage floors have been the foundation of our work from day one of starting Creative Coatings over a decade ago. Our decorative polyaspartic coatings are extremely duarable and easy to clean.
Our recently completed coated garage floor project stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. We had the privilege of transforming a homeowner’s garage into a space of both beauty and functionality.
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