Floor Preparation.

There’s nothing more important to a smooth, solid, lasting concrete surface than a good foundation. Creative Coatings employs several methods of pre-coating to achieve several goals.

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Shot Blasting
One of the most commonly used techniques to attain a smooth, crack-free concrete floor prior to the application of your chosen coating is shot blasting. Shot blasting uses small steel balls against a concrete surface to achieve the texture your project needs. It’s ideal for removing concrete sealer or mastic adhesive, or to prepare for a thicker epoxy coating.

Diamond Grinding
Utilizing diamond/arrow blades, diamond grinding is one of the most environmentally friendly concrete floor prep methods available. Diamond grinding is used alongside shot blasting for edging along walls and equipment. It can produce a very smooth and uniform appearance. It is also commonly used to remove coatings and sealers.

Scarifiers are versatile surface prep tools used for concrete, asphalt and even steel surfaces. Models can be connected to a dust collection system for virtually dust-free operation to remove oil and contaminants, mill scale and rust. Scarifying can also be used to repair common slab problems such as curled joints, high spots, uneven slabs, burned areas from over-troweling, trowel marks, and damage due to weather.

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