Explore a showcase of our recent projects that reflect the precision and quality we bring to every endeavor.
We take immense pride in showcasing our latest triumph – a newly completed kitchen floor at Kentucky Fried Chicken’s location in Hastings, Minnesota. Our meticulous craftsmanship and dedication to quality shine through in this project.
We had the great privelage to work with Inherit Clothing Company located in Morris, MN. This botique is truely one of a kind and the polished concrete has inhanced the already exsisting concrete and created an absolutely beautiful space to show case their merchandise.
Transform your transportation bus garage with a flooring solution that goes the extra mile. Coating your bus garage is essential for preserving and enhancing its functionality. Our specialized coatings offer not only durability but also a seamless and easy-to-clean surface.
We take immense pride in the recent completion of our project at the Rainbow Rider bus garage. Our team has successfully transformed this vital transportation hub, providing innovative solutions that improve both functionality and aesthetics.
Elevate your man cave with a decorative floor coating that adds style and personality to your sanctuary. Our specialized coating options transform dull concrete into a vibrant canvas of design possibilities, turning your man cave into an inviting space that reflects your unique taste and passion.
In Paxton, NE, we completed a project for a farm shop that has left a lasting impact. Our team applied a double sand broadcast coating to their floor, providing a solution that combines strength and functionality with a visually appealing finish.
We had the privilege of working with this charming coffee shop to enhance their main area’s aesthetics by polishing the existing concrete floor to a dazzling shine.
In a recent project, we had the opportunity to revamp a farm shop with a polished floor, and the results have been remarkable. This polished floor not only enhances the shop’s visual appeal but also significantly improves its functionality.
Taco Bell, a beloved fast-food chain across Minnesota, entrusted us with a critical project that has elevated the functionality and aesthetics of their kitchen areas. In each of their locations, we installed our robust MMA Coating system.
Our recently completed coated garage floor project stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. We had the privilege of transforming a homeowner’s garage into a space of both beauty and functionality.
Heartland Motor Company’s mechanic shop and service center recently underwent a transformative floor upgrade that has revolutionized their operations. Our team at Heartland took on the task of revitalizing the workshop’s floor by applying an industrial-grade Cement Urethane coating with a double sand broadcast.
Vaxxonova in Willmar, MN, we recently undertook a transformative project that promises to safeguard their facility’s floors from the harshest of chemicals. Our team applied a cutting-edge, chemical-resistant floor coating that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the workspace but also ensures long-lasting durability.
Garage floors have been the foundation of our work from day one of starting Creative Coatings over a decade ago. Our decorative polyaspartic coatings are extremely duarable and easy to clean.
Back in 2017, we had the privilege of collaborating with Filament Lighting & Home, the premier destination for lighting and home decor, to transform their space in a remarkable way.
Creativity and beauty is what we love to bring to life and this floor falls nothing short of either. The Concrete was poured using 3 different rock types in the concrete and then polished to full exposed aggregate to showcase the beautiful rocks in the concrete.
For the past 5 years and over 25 locations completed for Valvoline Instant Oil Change, we have been working on their unique project to enhance their facility and ensure a seamless operational transition.
Over the last decade, Dairy barns and food processing facilities have been using our trusted products to protect their floors from the cleaning detergents and the acids from the milk and food products.
Airplane hangars serve a dual purpose – they must provide a protective cocoon for maintenance and care of the aircraft while also showcasing the beauty and sophistication of your private or commercial plane.
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