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Manufacturing / Mechanics.

We have been working in the demanding world of Manufacturing and Mechanics for over a decade. Concrete floors within production facilities, workshops, and assembly lines face relentless abuse from heavy machinery, equipment traffic, and exposure to oil, chemicals, and constant wear and tear. Consequently, these floors often develop problems such as cracks, surface erosion, oil stains, and an overall deterioration that impacts both safety and operational efficiency. These issues can lead to expensive downtime and maintenance costs, leaving manufacturers and mechanics searching for a robust solution. Our specialized floor coating and polishing solutions offer a targeted response to these challenges.

Here's how our solutions can help:

With our tailored floor coating and polishing solutions, we help manufacturers and mechanics overcome the specific challenges faced in their industry, enhancing safety, durability, and overall operational efficiency. Transform your industrial facilities into safe, efficient, and sustainable environments that promote productivity while reducing operational costs.

Sample projects.

For the past 5 years and over 25 locations completed for Valvoline Instant Oil Change, we have been working on their unique project to enhance their facility and ensure a seamless operational transition.
Heartland Motor Company’s mechanic shop and service center recently underwent a transformative floor upgrade that has revolutionized their operations. Our team at Heartland took on the task of revitalizing the workshop’s floor by applying an industrial-grade Cement Urethane coating with a double sand broadcast.
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