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Are you in the commercial / retail industry? With heavy foot traffic, constant wear and tear, and the need to maintain an inviting and presentable appearance, traditional flooring options often fall short. Over time, these surfaces can show signs of deterioration, including scratches, stains, and an overall dull appearance. This not only impacts the aesthetics of the space but also presents safety concerns, as worn-out floors can become slip hazards.

We offer a transformative answer to these persistent issues. Our floors are not only incredibly durable but also visually striking. For those seeking even more protection and customization, our floor coating systems provide a seamless, resilient surface that resists scratches, stains, and wear. Whether it’s a retail store, shopping mall, or commercial office space, our coatings offer a robust and long-lasting solution. The finish also elevates the ambiance of the area, making it more appealing to customers and clients. Our team comes along side you to provide expertly designed floor coating and polishing solutions tailored to solve these challenges.

Here's how our solutions can help:

With these added advantages, our floor coating and polishing solutions provide a comprehensive and customized answer to the unique challenges faced by the Commercial and Retail industry, improving aesthetics, safety, and overall operational efficiency. Transform your space into an inviting and high-performing environment that impresses customers and employees alike.

Sample projects.

Back in 2017, we had the privilege of collaborating with Filament Lighting & Home, the premier destination for lighting and home decor, to transform their space in a remarkable way.
We had the great privelage to work with Inherit Clothing Company located in Morris, MN. This botique is truely one of a kind and the polished concrete has inhanced the already exsisting concrete and created an absolutely beautiful space to show case their merchandise.
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