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In the demanding realm of the Agriculture industry, concrete floors in mechanic shops, barns, silos, dairy barns, and processing facilities are subjected to relentless stress from heavy machinery, animal traffic, and constant exposure to moisture, chemicals, and organic matter. As a result, these floors often develop problems such as cracking, erosion, staining, and an overall deteriorating condition. These issues not only compromise the safety and hygiene of the agricultural operation but also increase the risk of contamination and disease transmission, leaving farmers and agricultural professionals searching for a reliable solution.

We have been working with many Agriculture facilities for over a decade to help solve those relentless problems. Our specialized floor coating and polishing solutions offer a tailored response to these challenges.

Here's how our solutions can help:

With our tailored floor coating and polishing solutions, we help agricultural professionals overcome the specific challenges faced in their industry, enhancing safety, durability, and overall operational efficiency. Say goodbye to floor-related headaches and hello to a floor that ensures seamless operations and a hygienic environment for both livestock and crop production.

Sample projects.

Over the last decade, Dairy barns and food processing facilities have been using our trusted products to protect their floors from the cleaning detergents and the acids from the milk and food products.
Vaxxonova in Willmar, MN, we recently undertook a transformative project that promises to safeguard their facility’s floors from the harshest of chemicals. Our team applied a cutting-edge, chemical-resistant floor coating that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the workspace but also ensures long-lasting durability.
In a recent project, we had the opportunity to revamp a farm shop with a polished floor, and the results have been remarkable. This polished floor not only enhances the shop’s visual appeal but also significantly improves its functionality.
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