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In the food and beverage industry, maintaining pristine flooring is paramount to ensuring a safe, sanitary, and efficient operation. Yet, this sector faces a myriad of flooring challenges on a daily basis. The constant foot traffic, spills, and frequent cleaning with harsh chemicals can lead to the rapid deterioration of conventional flooring materials. Over time, these surfaces can become porous, harboring bacteria and posing a significant hygiene risk. Slip and fall accidents are also a prevalent concern, further complicating matters.

At Creative Coatings, we come along side you to discover the best coating solution for your unique circumstances. We have been providing some of the highest grade coating systems in the world and are tailored to address your very problems. 

Here's how our solutions can help:

But that’s not all. Creative Coatings’ flooring solutions go beyond mere functionality. They can be customized to match the aesthetic preferences of any establishment, enhancing not only the safety and cleanliness but also the overall visual appeal. With our coated floors, food and beverage businesses can rest easy, knowing they have a robust, reliable, and visually pleasing flooring solution that turns their floor from a problem into a competitive advantage in an industry where presentation, hygiene, and safety are paramount.

Sample projects.

Taco Bell, a beloved fast-food chain across Minnesota, entrusted us with a critical project that has elevated the functionality and aesthetics of their kitchen areas. In each of their locations, we installed our robust MMA Coating system.
We had the privilege of working with this charming coffee shop to enhance their main area’s aesthetics by polishing the existing concrete floor to a dazzling shine.
We take immense pride in showcasing our latest triumph – a newly completed kitchen floor at Kentucky Fried Chicken’s location in Hastings, Minnesota. Our meticulous craftsmanship and dedication to quality shine through in this project.
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