Fast Curing & Unbeatable Durability

Creative Coatings specializes in installing only the most robust liquid applied floors for the extreme environments in restaurants, delis, meat processing plants, dairies, food processing plants, and fast lubes. Silikal’s MMA coating system is what we believe to be the best coating system on the market.

Special concrete prep is done to ensure a bond that is stronger than concrete. We do a bond test on every MMA project.

Benefits of MMA

If you are still wondering why you should skip out on all other flooring options and go for a Methyl Methacrylate (MMA), here are some benefits worth noting.

Excpetional Durability

Silikal’s MMA is completely pinhole and porous free, making it the cleanest, bacteria free, sterile floor on the market, while being an extremely strong industrial flooring.

Fast Return to Service

The fast curing and quick project turn around is perhaps one of the main advantages to Methyl Methacrylate flooring. Our MMA system is 100% cured and ready for abuse in 1 hour.

Cleanability & Slip Resistant

We put industrial quartz in most of our MMA floors which make it both slip resistant and is still very easy to clean. We can also put a decorative flake in it for more decorative facilities.

Hassle-free Repairs

If there’s a spot on your floor that gets damaged. it can be easily repaired through chemical welding. There is no need to spend hours in grinding off the MMA floor coating to reinstall it. In fact, if in 25-30 years you would like a new look, we can come back into your facility to reapply a top coat without needing to replace your whole floor.

For more information visit the Silikal website.